Barbarian Art Gallery – Vladimir Glynin

Graphic Designer, Print


Art buying guide / coffee table book for Vladimir Glynin exhibition at Barbarian Art Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. Book designed by Charles Malene Studio.

Barbarian Gallery inquired about the design and editing of a coffee table book for the opening of their Vladimir Glynin ‘Reconstructivism’ art exhibition. The book was to have two functions: 1) to showcase the artist’s work and 2) to be used as a buying guide. Aesthetically, the client wanted the book to be in the style of Russian Constructivist (such Popova & Rodchenko) with a bit of Nijinsky thrown into the mix. The deadline was 5 days from the initial request. All images were prepared by the artist and needed only minor alterations. We commenced with creating the cover’s typography and dividing the book into sections based on aesthetics. Constructivist style has the tendency to be more on the dynamic side of design, so we had to balance the bold ‘Russian reds’ with the almost translucent images of the artist in order to retain their abstraction. The result was a 75 pg book of a Russian artist’s work, designed in Zurich by a Canadian & printed in Austria. Photographs are property of Vladimir Glynin Reconstructivism by Vladimir Glynin


VG type

VG constructivism

VG cover

VG mission statement


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